How to To Take Your Business to the Next Level

Every business person wants to succeed. Business, especially when you are playing a vital role in your organisation could be very challenging. Success is a primary index in any business venture or outfit. Strict business conversation is forthright and the goal is simple: Get results. Many managers have little sympathy with intention or efforts without the targeted result. However we all know that to get results some things must be in place and some of those things are the focus of this article.

1. A positive attitude is very vital in any business that must succeed. The mindset should be profit oriented. The passion to make money must be strong that nothing can deter it. It is important to develop a mission statement, stating your reasons for the business and what you want to achieve within a defined time frame.

2. Get knowledge. Whatever you want to do in life whether it is to increase your earnings or enhance your status in life, find out what there is to learn, there are always things to learn. This learning should continue all life and should be diverse, so develop a habit to study, to observe and put things learnt to practice from time to time.

3. Enjoy your work: – many people do not show positive enthusiasm to work, the very thought of work irritate them, that attitude to work is wrong. We must love our work, and count it joy to be useful and productive. Work is vital part of life. The world is searching for workers not just “talkers”. It is important that we do our work excellently and in very creative ways.

4. Get into vital connections: you need a link to people and places. Connection is a vital part of the journey to greatness. We all have the opportunity to connect with people almost every day, if we wish to. Make new friends, keep in touch with old acquaintances and try to mend soiled relationship. Join social networking groups, visit local community groups, and so on. You must open up if you wish to connect with people.

5. Find time to think. “As a man thinks in his heart so he is”. Do not be too busy to think. When a man fails to think, he is ready to sink. Our thoughts must be creative, productive and inspiring. It is not just any kind of thinking that produce good results; good results come from good thinking. Think big, think possibilities, and think thought that are beyond your comfort zone. Quit all negative and bitter thoughts.

6. Learn to appreciate people for their contribution to your life. Appreciate little or big contribution. Appreciate your customers and your staff. You could send gifts to your customers for their patronage and your staff for being there. Often we think of our staff in funny ways but I have learnt that they may not be there; they could be somewhere else but chose to work with us.

7. Respect the right of others. Other people have a right to live and to find their joy and happiness. Do not just tolerate people, respect their right to live. Relate with people in ways you wish to be related to. Every person matters in the society or in an organisation, we do not need to have something to gain from people before we respect there rights.

8. Do good business. Your business must contribute to others values. Do not make a man pay you his money for nothing. Offer value.

9. Be patient. There is this craze to “become big” in a day. The truth is that life is not a straight course; there are mountains and valleys along the path of life. We are to patiently work our way to the top. Attempts to rise to the top in a sudden flight often leads to corrupt practises, hurts and action injurious to others.

10. Take responsible Risk: Many do not like the word risk. It matters in success. It is an essential element that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. Your attitude to responsible risk should be positive. Remember nothing ventured, nothing gained. The secret to winning is learning the risk game and learning along your part of action. Stop waiting for the magic time – the perfect time. It may or may not come, but life keeps going. Do not wait for the approval of all people, someone to sponsor you or when all the money is ready. Step out and other things will follow.

11. You need rest to refresh your body to function. All visions and dreams can only be fulfilled through the vehicle of the human body. It does not matter the intelligence and the zeal to always be at the place of action, when the body dies, you stop. All that could happen after will be after you. Avoid burnout.

12. Providing leadership: I have battled with a definition for leadership for years I have led various groups of people, from youth. I have led students’ union, Christian and secular organizations. I have led a national students group and have been a scout and Boys’ brigade leader. I have organized and participated in leadership trainings. I have always wondered if there is anything like a right to leadership. There is none. In every community and society issues arise that pose some concern and challenge to the people, it is in identifying a need, the possible solution and volunteering to champion the course of action that will bring solutions, that leaders are made. Lots of people love the glory and accolades that leadership brings but it just ends at that. Many leadership trainings aim at how to control the people, rather than how to solve challenging concerns. Why are some communities and groups more habitable, progressive and developed? –
The answer is that there is true and accountable leadership; a leadership that is visionary and caring. Leadership should provide focus. It should inspire and accommodate the diverse views on how to make the group or community the best it could be.

13. You must have good customer relations. Customers are the most important part of any successful business.

14. Business promotions. You must make consistent effort to get you business to the targets – the customers. There are various ways to do this. You should advertise your business in ways that will attract people to it. Try advertising online. Tell friends about what you do. Print flyers and poster.

15. Persistence. You must never give up. Remember quitters never win and winners never quit.

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Achieve Success – The 20 D’s That Determine Your Success

The formula for achieving our goals and realizing our dreams is not difficult, nor is it a secret. It entails developing certain attributes and persisting in certain actions much more than it does acquiring specialized knowledge or developing specific talents. As you will see below, the principles are extremely simple in theory; and thankfully, they apply to anyone and to any goal or dream. To make them even simpler, I have essentially used some simple alliteration to explain each of the principles, attributes, mentality, and actions required to achieve any success. The difficulty is not being aware of or understanding these principles – it is implementing them!

Each principle described below explains an attribute, mentality, or action that must be implemented – or prevented. Being aware of, being able to recognize, being able to avoid, being able to learn from, and being able to put into practice each of the principles below is necessary to achieve any goal or dream:


Dream big! Envision your accomplishment constantly. Recognize that your dreams are completely possible, and the end success is always the result of the initial dream. Ensure your dreams are your dreams, and not the desires or expectations of others; and then believe in them and do whatever necessary to achieve them.


If desire is lacking, the motivation to act and the determination to persist will be absent, and the result is always failure. Understand, however, that interest and strong desire are completely different – interest produces action when it is convenient, and strong desire persists in action despite challenges and failures. And real desire is much more than hope or a wish; it is a mentality that translates into power to accomplish incredible things.


Dreaming big is important, but it is also useless if you don’t truly believe your dreams are possible and believe that you are capable of accomplishing those dreams. Belief is not a sure knowledge, it does not eliminate risk, nor does it produce results – but it is absolutely necessary in order to produce the actions that Do produce the results that eventuate into success. You can become and accomplish anything, but you must first believe so.


Perhaps one of the greatest secrets necessary for success is the ability to decide, and then stick to that decision. Often, however, people make and act upon decisions that would result in success if pursued, but those decisions unfortunately get rescinded when things start to become difficult. Those who are unassertive, idle, unconfident, and uncommitted must develop the ability to make decisions quickly and confidently, and stick to them.


Anything is possible to the individual who is absolutely determined to accomplish their goal. Much more powerful than desire for and belief in a goal, completely committing to that goal will ensure that excuses are eliminated, challenges do not defeat, and persistence is the only alternative. Zeal and determination have always contributed to success far more than brains and talent have.


To dare is to have courage, to be bold, and to take risks. In order for the majority of successes and goals to be achieved, one must be willing to take that risk, go out of their comfort zone, Do what they don’t want to do or don’t feel comfortable doing, and even be willing to fail in the process. And therein is another secret – that when those inevitable failures do happen, one must be willing to dare again by persisting in the risk rather than retreating to security and mediocrity.


Nobody is ignorant of the fact that taking such risks includes various dangers, necessary sacrifices, and potential failures. Be it money wasted, time lost, effort exuded, embarrassment faced, goals not reached, or failure experienced – it can (and probably will) happen. Recognizing these dangers and trying to avoid them is wise, but facing them is often assured. The challenge lies in learning from and persisting Despite them.


The only limitations in life are the ones we create, believe, and nourish within our own minds. Doubts and fears, if heeded, result in a lack of attempt; and it is the ability to attempt and act that produces the confidence needed to overcome our doubts and fears and accomplish any goal. It is vital to remember that doubts and fears reside in everyone; and yet, they can be controlled by anyone. Ironically, they are never fully overcome, which suggests the importance of constantly controlling our minds, overcoming our fears, believing in ourselves, and being willing to attempt and act always.


Tell yourself you will be successful. Vocalize your goals Daily. Talk big to yourself and to everyone. Declare to others what your goals and dreams are. Then, shut up and get to work!


Our dreams, our plans, our thoughts, our knowledge, and our very words are of no value and produce no accomplishment until accompanied with actions – Daily actions. Too often, people mistakenly think that success is a result of talent, knowledge, money, connections, characteristics, or inheritance; truthfully, at the foundation of every success, accomplishment, or goal achieved is one common and necessary principle – hard work!


Discipline is an action that combines commitment and consistency; for one without the other fails to produce the desired attainment. The ability to refrain from or take action in something once requires effort, but the ability to consistently put forth the same effort until the goal has been realized requires discipline. Discipline is doing what is desired when feeling less inclined, making time at the most inconvenient of times, refraining from things regardless of what others think or say, and persisting in actions despite the difficulty. Success Demands continual discipline.


Failures often result not from a lack of ability, effort, or knowledge, but from the inability to set goals, establish a plan, become organized, and prioritize daily actions. We’ve all heard the cliché of ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’ However, effective planning is more than just putting pen to paper, it entails specific short and long term goals, daily actions that are reviewed and committed to, and back up plans because of the inevitable detours. Perhaps even more importantly, the goals and plans must be written, viewed daily, revised often, organized coherently, completely committed to, and Daily worked on.


Distractions are inescapable. Along the journey to success, we will experience various and numerous distractions, most often coming in the form of: fears or family priorities, work responsibilities or church and community involvement, hobbies or entertainment, health problems or vacations, or perhaps even other goals and worthwhile pursuits. Unfortunately, far too often people mistakenly blame the distraction for their resultant failure, rather than recognizing that the excuse is but a cover up of their poor response to the distraction. Persisting Despite the distractions is absolutely necessary.


It is vitally important to understand that things never seem to work out as originally planned. You’ll often find that the initial path, plan, requirements, and time frame you were expecting were miscalculated. Take comfort in the fact that all those who have accomplished their goals and successes have likewise miscalculated. The challenge lies in ensuring those detours do not turn into dead-end streets, but that they become merely road blocks that cause you to persist and others to quit.


Failures happen, Difficulties arise, and plans do fail. It is only those who are willing to fail that are truly willing to succeed. But, for whatever reason, in the moment of failure we often wrongfully assume that we personally are failures, and we thus quit. Failure is not a person; it is an event that is absolutely necessary to achieve success.


The great Thomas Edison, perhaps the one person who had every reason to become discouraged after thousands of failed attempts to produce the light bulb, he perfectly described what our response should be whenever failure is experienced and discouragement is felt when he said: “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt Discarded is another step forward.”


Diligence is continually exerting ourselves mentally and physically, persistently recommitting ourselves, and willingly and constantly putting forth the necessary action required to accomplish our goals. Diligence is persistence and endurance – the key to any success.

Don’t Quit

Decide now to never give up, regardless of how difficult it may become. When those personal defeats, failures, or challenges arise, the natural tendency is to do what the majority of people do – quit, give an excuse, choose another goal, or give up on the dream altogether. Rather, you must learn from and get up after any temporary defeat or failure. The majority of personal successes in life are usually accomplished after an individual determines to not give up when they experience a failure.


Give of your resources, knowledge, and time. Notice, however, that I did not say give if you have – I said give, regardless of what you have. Give now, and give always! Do not assume that later in life when you have acquired excess wealth, knowledge, and time that you will then freely give of it – Develop the habit of giving now (the amount is irrelevant compared to the intent). And never forget the unexplainable, yet true principle that when you give, you always receive (often, much more abundantly).


Far more important than any other ‘D’ described in this list is that of our duty to God and our family. When all is said and done, I think each of us would much rather deal with the disappointments of certain failures than the disappointment of certain successes, if those certain successes were achieved at the expense of the much more important priorities. God and our family must absolutely be our first priority. Thus, no goal or accomplishment in life is as important as becoming a person of integrity, character, and morality. Being a good parent, spouse, friend, or neighbor is far more important than becoming a great businessman, politician, doctor, attorney, or achieving any other accomplishment, title, certificate, position, or even dream in life.

All of your Desires and Dreams are possible! However, your challenge today – and continually – will be to Dare to think big, Develop the ability to believe more, and Decide to act now. It is extremely Difficult, but completely Doable!

Ten Things the Smartest Secular Elitists Probably Don’t Know About Our World – But Should!

  1. The smartest secular elitists in our society believe Darwin-Evolutionism theory is proven scientific fact – which is not so: despite many decades of effort, “life” has never been created in the laboratory; and of several hundred thousand fossils discovered during the past century-and-a-half , not a single one has been found having inter-step features. (Note: There is no question that Darwin was a brilliant scientist whose theories of “random mutations”, and “survival of the fittest” resulted in physical changes to living organisms, e.g. beak shapes of finches and skin colors of bears and humans. However, the scientific dispute is whether the initial forms of living organisms and creatures could have evolved solely by mutation and evolution – from lightning sparking an inanimate pre-biotic pool for initial life, then by mutational improvements from ancestor organisms to today’s multiplicity of living creatures, no matter how much time was available – or did they necessitate “Intelligent Design”, a Creator.) [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Darwin-Evolutionism - Undeniable Astronomic Improbabilities Despite Secular Claims of Proven Fact!]
  2. The fear of the power and intolerance of the secular elite: school boards, judges, writers, etc., regarding Darwin-Evolution is manifest in teachers losing their positions (recent documentary film “Expelled”) and outstanding scientists such as Dr. Charles Walcott, Director of the Smithsonian Institute and even Professor Albert Einstein doing the “unthinkable” for scientists, as long as a century ago. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Elitist World - "Brain -Washed" by Darwinism - Would Darwin Approve?]
  3. Pro-Darwin scientists, pursuing their goal for a century and a half, despite the continual deepening of the complexity of their theories (unyielding in their atheistic zeal), they cannot prove what their advocates claim; even admitting to “mysteries” in their research, using phrases such as, “almost like a miracle”. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Darwin-Evolutionism Verification Sought - Conclusion by Logic - Society's Elite - Brain-Washed!]
  4. However, scientists who do challenge Darwin-Evolutionism (as the source of original creature types, including man) do so, and across the spectrum of scientific knowledge, with astronomic mathematical improbabilities of random mutations (even with infinite time) being able to ever achieve such complexity, perfection and variety. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: The Pajaro Dunes Conference - Scientists Challenging Darwinism!]
  5. While neither theory, Darwin-Evolutionism nor Intelligent Design, can be proved or disproved – the astronomic odds against Darwin-Evolutionism argue in favor of Intelligent Design. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: The More We Learn (Amino Acids, Proteins, DNA) the More Imp(roba/ossi)ble!]
  6. Our Universe was initiated by the Big Bang, when all the “matter” in it (plants, animals, cars, houses, cities, Earth, Solar System, our galaxy, all galaxies), was created; and since our universe is expanding, its “beginning” 13.7 billion years ago (say our smartest Cosmologists), was from a tiny particle of “super-compressed matter”; the “matter” (from Einstein’s e=mc-squared) having been transformed from an incredible amount of energy (source unknown). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Age of Universe Equals 13.7 Billion Earth-Years (How About Six Einsteinian Cosmic - or Bible - Days?)
  7. After the Big Bang, for the first ten billion years (future Earth-time) in the expanding universe, what would become our Milky Way galaxy and our Solar system was part of a swirling mass; our Earth forming-up about four billion years ago. Using Einstein's Law of Relativity (time dilation), the 13.7 billion years of Earth-Time is calculated to be equivalent to about six days (24 hours each) of Cosmic-Time (and also to the six days of the Bible). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: In the Beginning, God Created - Six Days (Bible) vs (Science) 13.7 Billion Years - with Big Bang!; Conversation Stopper - Why Don't the Space Shuttle and Space Station Fall to Earth?]
  8. A comparison of events by Astronomic and Earth sciences with the Bible shows remarkable correlation to Genesis, day by day: formation of galaxies; formation of our solar system; Earth forms, water appears, plants and trees appear; aquatic and flying creatures appear, mammals and humankind appear – not a single non-conformity! Noteworthy is that knowledge of Astronomy and the Earth sciences has only been acquired during the past few centuries, whereas, the Bible’s matching words have been known for millennia. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: From Darwin-Evolutionism to Intelligent Design - Inevitably!; Our Life-Friendly Planet Earth - Are We One and Only?]
  9. By 21st century artifacts, science and logic (verified by extra-biblical sources), plagues and miracles seem to have happened 3500 years ago at the Exodus of a Hebrew (Apiru) people from Egypt, and also at their crossing of the Gulf of Aqaba (Red Sea), pursued by an Egyptian chariot army which drowns (artifact proof) to Mount Sinai (in Saudi Arabia). [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Hebrews in Egypt - Slaves and Plagues - Extra-Biblical Proof; Challenging Skeptics, is the Bible True? Mt. Sinai, "Yam Suf" (Red or Reed Sea) - Where Are They?; Miracles 3500 Years Ago, Biblical Exodus - the Only Logical Explanation for 21st Century Artifacts!]
  10. By recent history and logic, miracles also seem to have happened (to the salvation of Israel-Jews) during the birth-wars of the State of Israel and at its Entebbe rescue operation. [Ref. Ezine articles for more detail: Munich '72 and Entebbe '76 - Murphy's Law and Miracles?]

10 Ways To Overcome The Force Of Giving Up Today

Are you feeling like giving up on that assignment, business, career or relationship? The feeling to quit can be so strong and frustrating; it occupies your whole mind and affects your reasoning. And you think that if you throw in the towel, you will have peace. I can well assure you that quitting is not the solution. This article tells you how to overcome the force of giving up the good.

And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force – Matthew 11:12 (NKJV)

Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it – Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV)

For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry – Habakkuk 2:3 (NKJV)

The feeling to give up most of the time comes when you are starting something newly or you are facing challenges. You need to understand that this is normal. The enemy will always test your faith, strength and courage. The bible says that if you fail in the day of adversity your strength is small – Proverbs 24:10

God understood this and kept telling Joshua to be strong and courageous – Joshua 1:6-9. There are giants on the way to the Promised Land. You must see that you are well able to overcome the giants – Numbers 13:30.

How to overcome the force of giving up

1. Confirm the will of God concerning the issue

This is the first step to take. What God has not sanctioned He will not back up. Seek God’s face and be sure you are running on your own lane. If it is of God, relax because you will succeed even if there is a delay. Remember, if God be for you who can be against you – Romans 8:31.

But if you are doing the wrong thing, you need to make a U-turn. As a wise man said, no matter how long you have been on the wrong path, anytime you discover it, just make U-turn. If you continue then you have signed for unending challenges and frustration, no matter your efforts.

When you are sure of God’s backing, the strength and courage to continue come alive. You will be able to face all oppositions and you won’t be swayed by other people’s opinions. But the zeal of the Lord upon you will do it.

Now, there is an exception – if you are married, God can’t tell you to quit your marriage. It is till death do you part – Matthew 19:6, Malachi 2:14. That is why you must make sure of God’s will concerning the person before you walk down the aisle – 2 Corinthians 6:14. Courtship can be broken but not marriage.

2. The book of the Law must not depart from your mouth

The word of God in your mouth is a great motivator. Life and death are in the power of the tongue – Proverbs 18:21. When you use it well you receive life and vice versa. Again God has given you a mouth and a wisdom which your enemies cannot resist – Luke 21:15.

As you keep declaring God’s word, the force of giving up will give way to the force of the word. It builds up your faith and you will be assured that that assignment, career or business will surely work.

God told Joshua not to allow the book of the law to depart from his mouth but he should meditate on it, then will he prosper and have good success – Joshua 1:8. I presume you want good success? Then you need to meditate on God’s word.

3. Take clear and calculated steps.

Planning and planning and taking no steps can be very frustrating. What you never do remains undone. If you do little or nothing but expecting great success, then you must be fooling yourself. There is profit in labor – Proverbs 14:23

When you have put in your best then God will bless the work of your hands – Deuteronomy 28:12. When He sees no work He will bless nothing. And He will bless according to your works. Remember faith without works is dead – James 2:17. So ask yourself if you have put in your best.

May be there are limitations hindering you from taking steps you would want to take, ask God to remove them.

4. You must apply the force of pursuit

You need to pursue your vision. In Habakkuk 2:2, God expects you to run with your vision and not crawl. When you crawl you give room for discouragement.

5. Equip yourself with the relevant knowledge.

People are destroyed for lack of knowledge – Hosea 4:6. When you don’t have enough knowledge about an issue, you will struggle with it and you won’t make wise decisions concerning it. Load yourself with information; find out how those who succeeded did it. Really there is nothing new under the sun – Ecclesiastes 1:9.

6. Diligence is required

A man who is diligent in his business will stand before kings and not before obscure men – Proverbs 22:29. Diligence will take you places. It will surely take some efforts from your part, but it delivers handsome rewards. When you are diligent, your mind will be occupied with your work and you won’t have room for give up thoughts.

7. Encourage yourself

Truly, some challenges may come and you will feel discouraged, but you need to encourage yourself in the Lord.

King David faced a big challenge one time. His family and his men’s family were captured and his men wanted to stone him. He encouraged himself and then had a free mind to ask God for the way forward – 1 Samuel 30:6-8

.The word of God is the perfect instrument to use in encouraging yourself. Search out the relevant scriptures and meditate on them. I tell you, your spirit will be lifted up.

8. You take your success by force

The enemy will not fold his hands and see you fly into success. He will certainly put obstacles on your way, so expect them. But you can take your success by force. You need to violently take your victory – Matthew 11:12. The enemy is not gentle at all so you must not be with him at all.

Now, the word of God tells you what belongs to you and when you equip yourself with the knowledge, you can violently tell the enemy to take his hands of your inheritance. But if you don’t know, you will just be crying and pitying yourself. That will give room to the force of giving up.

9. Hold unto testimonies

Testimonies are powerful tools for overcoming the idea to quit. When you remember how God solved a case like yours for someone else, your spirit will come alive. The thoughts to give up will disappear. This is because God is not partial, what He did for one He will do for another.

Testimonies are prophesies and they must be fulfilled, even in your life. We overcome by the words of our testimonies – Revelation 12:11. Anytime you engage testimonies you engage God. King David understood this principle and he engaged it when he faced Goliath. He said God who delivered me from the hands of bears and lions will deliver you into my hands. And God did!

10.Engage the force of praise and thanksgiving.

Make praise and thanksgiving a lifestyle and you will see God working for you. Thank Him for everything He does for you and you will see Him do more. Praise Him for who He is and you will see Him fight all your battles.

Why is praise and thanksgiving so powerful? It is because praise is what God cannot give Himself and so anyone that does is dear to Him. He inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3) and He comes with all His blessings. So praise God continually and you will have no reason to give up.

In conclusion, no matter the feeling to give up, you can overcome it with the help of God.

Passion For Nation Building

Passion is like fire which cannot be frozen.

Passion for ones nation is an important virtue needed for one to be a nation builder. It is the driving force behind distinguished accomplishments. Passion is the zeal of pursuit and equally patriotism in action. It takes passion and patriotism for one’s nation, for one to accomplish his mission towards his nation. It equally takes passion and patriotism for one’s nation, for one to be a nation builder. Passion and patriotism for ones nation are relative to each other.

It took passion and patriotism for the founding fathers of the United States of America to stand up against all the challenges which stood on their path towards nation building, from their struggle for independence from the British to their struggle to preserve the union after independence. The America every body wants to go today, did not fall from heaven as a gift, it took men of passion and patriotism to build it.

It equally took the passion and patriotism of the generations of Africans in the 1950′s and 1960 to realise the dream for independence. Names like Nkwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Patrick Lumuba of Congo, Nelson Mandela of South Africa, and Muhamad Gandhi of India etc; were symbolic to passion and patriotism in their days. Africans and the world at large will need to recover their passion and patriotism in other to meet the challenges of nation building in the 21st century.

In the several stories of the Bible, names like Abraham, Moses, and David etc are all symbolic to passion and patriotism. Their patriotic deeds still live on in the hearts of mankind and still inspires thousand even today. When I read these stories when I was in primary school, I though this men lived in another planet. Their passions and patriotism were extraordinary. We need passionate and patriotic men today in every nation.

Passion for one’s nation speaks of the love for one’s country and patriotism speaks for ones sense of pride for ones country which inspires loyalty and service. Most nations today are in a crisis for lack of men of passion and patriotism. These crises have degenerated to high corruption and negligence to all forms of patriotic duties.

Passion has always been and will always be the force behind any positive development and breakthrough. Passion is a heart drive towards a desired accomplishment. Needed! Needed! Needed! Men with the passion and patriotism for their nation. Men whose passion and patriotism will take them beyond mountains and valleys etc to impact their nations. Passionate and patriotic men are of more worth in nation building than ordinary professionals. Every nation needs men with extreme passion for nation building. The passion and patriotism for one’s nation should inspire the following: Giving, Sacrifice, Availability and Loyalty.

Giving: For any nation to succeed in nation building, the citizens must carry the mentality of what they can do for their nation and not necessarily what their nation can do for them. This is the mentality which has led to the development of most advanced societies. Nation builders should be more concerned with what they can do and give for their nation, than what they can get from their nation. This does not cancelled the fact that, each nation has certain responsibilities for her citizens. To nation builders, contributing is preferable than not contributing, for what one receives does not make one significant like what one gives. Passion and patriotism should inspire giving.

There can be no nation building without men with the passion to give. If all a nation has are men who want to acquire then, such a nation has no future. You may ask the question: What can I give to my nation? You can give your time, energy, ideas, money, etc, towards nation building.

Time: Time is the most abused treasure in many societies. We have those who start drinking as early as 8.00am. Others spend their whole time in gambling houses and nightclubs, etc. There is an adage which says ‘Labour before pleasure’, but the reverse is true in many societies (pleasure before labour). All kinds of pleasure are encouraged at the expense of work. There is no pleasure-seeking society which can reach the maximum of her potential. God has given the same 24 hours to every nation. The problem is how we invest this time to impact our nation.

Nation builders are time conscious, to them, time is the currency through which they convert their good wishes for their nation into reality. As such, every minute is invested properly for productive results. Time is all we have been given, through which we can convert our wishes to reality. Time in this context has to do with the duration of our lives on earth. The duration of our lives was to be a donation for our nations and the world, not a liability. Life is not measure by how long we have live, but by how much we have live. It is not in the duration of our lives but in the donations of our lives.

I believe we need an awakening of our individual consciences towards the use of the time God has given to us. Let’s stop counting time, let’s start making time count. Time on its own doesn’t change things; people use time to change things. Let us use the time God has given us to impact our generation and build our nation. Let us stop wasting time, let’s start investing time. Tomorrow is not our day, today is our day. We all live once on earth; let us use our time to leave a rich legacy, “footprints on the sand of time” for a memorial in the generations to come.

Energy: Providence has bestowed to each individual a degree of energy to contribute towards positive developments. This energy goes beyond physical energy to our inward potential. There is no empty life. Providence has bestowed on each individual great potential. Potential is inert ability, unused might, stored energy, untapped strength buried in everyone. Let us not take this energy (potential) to the grave. It is a crime against humanity for an individual to take his potential to the grave without expressing them to build ones nation and affect ones generation.

Everyone’s contribution is needed in nation building. None should deprive his nation of the rich treasure of energy found in him. It is time; every individual gave his energy towards nation building. Nation builders are conscious of the rich store of energy within them and are resolute to empty themselves to build their nation. Nation builders believe the best way to die is to die empty; having released all what is needed for their nation and generation.

Ideas: Ideas are answers to questions, solutions to problems, provisions for visions, etc. Everything we see today began as an idea. Ideas are mental pictures of realities, which can be converted to actualities. Ideas are things as thoughts, inventions as intensions and motions as motives. Even the creation of heaven and earth began as an idea in the mind of God. The great inventions which have shaped history began as ideas. While ordinary people waste their ideas, nation builders invest their ideas.

It is worthwhile at this point to note that, not all ideas are good ideas. The conquest of the entire Europe by Adolph Hitler began as an idea but it was not a good idea. The invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein began as an idea, but it was not a good idea. All these men were destroyed by their negative ideas. In nation building, ideas must be evaluated under the following: Will the idea build, or scatter? Bring development or underdevelopment? Bring peace or war? Divide or unite? Add or subtract? etc.

Nation builders are able to select the ideas which come to their minds; the positive enriching ones are shared with others and invested towards nation building. A positive idea when well invested can alter the destiny of a nation from a less developed nation

to an advanced nation, a poor nation to a wealthy nation, a weak nation to a strong nation, etc. No nation was born great. Nations are built by men of passion, vision and ideas. A poor nation is not necessarily a nation without money, but a nation void of men of ideas. Ideas were the forces behind the great industrial revolution and other positive revolutions which shaped the west.

Money: Money is abused if it becomes an end instead of a means, a vision instead of a provision, and a problem instead of a solution. The abuse of money is simply the wrong perspective of money which inspires the wrong use of money. Money is one of the most abused treasures in many societies. People save money than they save lives. Money which should be used to build a nation is now preserved at the expense of the progress of the nation. Why should an individual save billions when there are things to do with money? No one has carried money to the grave. There is no reason why money should not be invested in one’s lifetime to impact his generation.

History has never recorded what an individual had in his bank account but the impact made on his society. It is time we changed our attitude towards money, for attitude determines altitude. Nation builders are men free from the love of money. To them money is a means to impact their nation and not an end in itself. Their excitement is not a function of their bank account but their impact account. Money is one of their weapons employed in building their nation. They have a greater respect for their nation than for money. If all a nation has are extortionists and money mongers, such a nation has no future. A nation needs men who can sometimes release money from their personal accounts in order to contribute to nation building.

Sacrifice: Sacrifice is a greater price than giving. When giving fails to bring a nation to her desired haven, nation builders at that time go beyond giving to sacrifice. Sacrifice is the last resort for any serious breakthrough. Sacrifice has characterized the life of all true nation builders throughout history. Every developed nation is indebted to great souls who through sacrifice contributed to their nation. Sacrifice is the laying down of one’s life in order to reach others. Sacrifice is the only cure for selfishness. It will take men who are willing to sacrifice their personal interest, for the building of a nation to be possible.

While ordinary men seek their selfish interest and some even escape from their country in search of greener pastures in other nations, nation builders stay and through sacrifice build their nation. Developing countries are full of men with escapist mentality. All they are looking for is where they can harvest where others have sown. They have no vision to sow for their own harvest.

Availability: An available person is more appreciated in nation building than a qualified person, who has not made himself available. Nations are full of qualified men but few available persons. Passion and patriotism for one’s nation inspires availability. Nation builders are not asked ‘to do’ or forced to contribute. They are men whose passion for their nation has compelled them to be available at all times. In every nation there are three kinds of people: Those that make things happen, those who watch things happen and those that criticise happenings. Those who make things happen are players in the match of nation building. Those who watch things happen are spectators in the match of nation building. Those who criticise happenings are referees in the match of nation building. In the match of nation building, players are winners, spectators are losers and referees are victims. Choose where to belong. Nation builders are those who make things happen, they are players who finally become winners. Availability is one of the secret qualities which qualifies and empowers them to fulfil their destiny.

Nation builders advance when ordinary men retreat. They stand up when ordinary men have fallen down, they run when others are walking, they believe when others doubt, they dare when others hide in fear, they appear when others disappear.

May the Almighty God give each nation, men who will make themselves available at this time for nation building.

Loyalty: Passion and patriotism for one’s nation inspires loyalty. Loyalty is allegiance to one’s beloved country. Loyalty is not allegiance when things are happening; it is allegiance even when nothing is happening. One of the greatest diseases of our time is disloyalty. We have people who can only stand when things are good, but disappear when contrary situations arise. Thousands of qualified citizens from developing countries are escaping to advanced nations. Some change their names and citizenship instead of staying to build their own nation.

Nation builders carry a passion for their nation, which inspires loyalty even in adverse circumstances. They will prefer to die than to escape from the hot challenges of nation building. It is worthwhile at this point to remind citizens of all developing countries, who are presently drunk with the America/Europe syndrome that, America and Europe did not fall from heaven. It took men of passion to build America and Europe. It’s time nationals of all developing countries, came out of their escapist mentality and stopped being irresponsible. They too can build their nations to an enviable point. This is the time of destiny for every nation. Nation building is the way forward.

In conclusion, passion and patriotism for one’s country is and will remain one of the most powerful forces in the character of nation builders. This force operates like fire in their bones and this fire is contagious. I pray you catch the fire.

The Challenge to Lead

The topic of leadership has been and continues to be one of the most vital topics in human history. From ancient civilizations to modern day multi-national corporations, men and women of passion, fervor and zeal have sought to discover the secrets of moving others beyond the gray of their mundane reality to the rich array of colors that embody the palate of the extraordinary life.

Every organization or collection of people, from large to small, requires ardent and skilled leaders. It has been said that everything rises and falls on leadership, and it is true. Every group – families, cities, churches, associations and yes, even nations – fulfills its purposes and potential based on the leadership it is shown.

As leaders we are given the charge, responsibility, and the privilege to see grand visions, to dream lofty dreams, to forge new ground, and to challenge and encourage those who would follow our leadership to ascend the heights with us. We beckon them to come. We implore them. All for their own good. This is to lead them toward their possibilities.

Be assured that there will be a leader of every group. There will be those who influence others, even if you don’t. There may even be unscrupulous people who use their abilities to lead others astray. The quote “All it takes for evil to prevail is for the good man to do nothing,” remains true today, as it has through the annals of time. This is the compelling motive for you to rise up and lead the way for others.

Our families depend on it.

Our community groups depend on it.

Our nations depend on it.

People will follow you for two reasons: They follow you because of your character, for who you are. They also follow you for your skills, for what you can do. Make it your every effort to impart skillful and honorable leadership for them that would look to you for your wisdom, your guidance and your belief in the promise of the human spirit.

Someone will lead. Will it be you? If not you, then who will lead? If you will not lead now, then when?

Today, more than ever, you are needed. Your strong character is needed. Your finely honed skills are needed. I know you will rise to the challenge.

Lead boldly. Lead with faith. Lead others to the pinnacle of the human existence. This is the highest calling and the reward is of the utmost kind.

Following the Path of Your Passion

A wall Street Journal survey revealed that 80% of the general population is dissatisfied with their jobs. The survey also revealed that 50% of corporate executives, in high paying positions, were dissatisfied with their jobs. These results indicate that most people have settled for the status quo. Few are breaking the mold and pursuing their heart’s desires.

There is a point of indecision that most of us come to in our careers, when we must decide between convenience and satisfaction. For some of us that defining moment comes at the beginning of our career. Fresh out of college we choose to embark upon the path of our dreams. However, that is not the course upon which most of us find ourselves. Many of us are drawn to a particular profession by the allure of financial benefits or some other tangible reward. At some point, we either become exhausted by the climb toward our goal or we cross the finish line and realize the victory isn’t as sweet as we had imagined. Likewise, some of us allow others to steer us in a direction that they feel is best for us, while we hide behind a façade of contentment, but deep inside we’re miserable.

What would possess a woman in the prime of her life–earning a six-figure income, living a stable and comfortable lifestyle–to resign her corporate job to launch a business in an entirely different field? Well, that woman was me, and I was moved by a passion and a dream. By most people’s standard I was successful, yet I wasn’t satisfied. I kept thinking, “This can’t be as good as it gets.”

Had someone told me ten years ago that I would be the owner of a personal and business development company, I would not have taken them seriously. Yet, the seed of the idea was planted by a supervisor who occasionally made remarks about my creative abilities. His remarks re-ignited my passion to write. You see, writing had been a passionate expression since my adolescent years. Eventually I had an epiphany and begin the process of working my way out of my corporate job. I could no longer settle for a life of mere convenience-not when my true inspiration beckoned. Today I’m following that passion with a new zeal.

Are you following your passion or have you settled for the convenient path? By no means were we all destined to become business owners. The purpose of this article is to help you make the best choice when you come face-to-face with your moment of indecision. Let your passion be your guide to a life of significance or what really matters to you the most. Perhaps the embers of your passion have been extinguished by the cares of life. I challenge you to re-ignite the flames of your passion. You may be pursuing a profession that has no meaning or fulfillment. Whenever you’re at a crossroads, let your passion by your guide.

Don’t be amongst the 80% rank and file, or even those who have raced to the pinnacle of their profession only to find that their view from the top was of little significance. When you’re following your passion, your life takes on a whole new meaning. You’re not motivated by money. No one has to pump you up to do it because it naturally drives you. You can do it for hours on end without getting bored. Although it can be exhausting at times, you go to bed at night fulfilled. There is a feeling of fulfillment that comes over you when you achieve a sense of belonging in your career or personal life.

Point to Ponder: Are you driven by your passion or your paycheck?

Quote: “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” –Donald Trump

The Kids, The Cake, The Cat – The Laundry & the Snake – Internet Marketing & Life

“Hello Linda,

What a busy day I’ve had; up at 6.00am baking the last but biggest of the wedding cakes – it wouldn’t fit in the mixing bowl I had to use a big Tupperware container! – then a trip to Wansbeck Hospital to check Jamie’s arm – it’s doing fine; and then to the vets with my old tortoiseshell cat, when all I really want to do is get on with my marketing…”

This was the beginning of a recent, delightful email from one of my star team members. How I resonate with her sentiments. How I relate to her challenges. How I understand the ways in which daily life imposes its simple demands and subverts our plans!

I was immediately reminded of the title of one of Jack Kornfield’s books. Kornfield is a skilled and gifted meditation teacher, and a spiritual leader to many around the globe. He is a warm, humorous, down-to-earth and unassuming man. While never my teacher in a formal sense, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jack. We met when I was executive director of the Marin Interfaith Council, and I invited Spirit Rock Meditation Center to become a Member of the Council.

Though time has passed, I treasure many fond memories of Jack’s gentle wisdom and twinkling humor, and have an appreciation of his rigorous teaching and writing schedule. The author of many books, it was one he was working on at the time of our interactive association that comes to mind now, these many years later. After the Ecstasy, the Laundry – How the Heart Grows Wise on the Spiritual Path.

Yes, indeed. In the midst of whatever heady pursuit we have our heart set on, such as attaining enlightenment or engaging in Internet marketing, we still have the kids, the cake and the cat; or as Jack observes, the laundry. And I happen to believe the path for both is the same.

I was awakened last night by Sophie, our Jack Russell Terrier, and her incessant scratching on the tile in the living room. It was actually about 1:30 AM and I really didn’t want to get up. But she was insistent and I realized that after calling her with no success, I needed to take a look. As I turned on the kitchen light I saw that she was pawing the tile an inch away from a baby snake. The snake was thin, over a foot long and coiled up, protecting its little head and tiny, bright eyes. While thanking Sophie for alerting us, and for not harming the snake, I got a paper cup and gently scooped up this ‘new to the world’ wee one. Thankfully, it was not hurt. I put the dogs into the front courtyard and then put the baby snake in the back. It took me a while to get back to sleep, but I was smiling as I drifted off.

John Lennon helped us understand that, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

This is why we absolutely need to prioritize, develop discipline, become unrelenting in our persistence, and cultivate a laser-like focus when it comes to our work. There will always be interruptions, frustrations, detours, set-backs and compelling reasons to adjust our schedule.

These days I am so in love with my work that like my team member, “all I really want to do is get on with my marketing.” For it is there I find many of my most delicious challenges, and deeply gratifying rewards. This business enterprise fills me to overflowing with excitement; and instead of balance, I want to champion passion. I want to forgo moderation and embrace an all-out pursuit of excellence; instead of taking it easy, I am teeming with enthusiasm. I hunger and thirst for new knowledge and understanding and have a stirring desire to learn, and then to apply what I am learning. I want to do this for the benefit of our business, to enhance my relationships, and to better support the wonderful, inspiring members of my team.

We often hear that, “Knowledge is power.” But I think Napoleon Hill got it right when he wrote, “Knowledge has no value except that which can be gained from its application toward some worthy end.” Hill goes on to observe, “Successful people, in all callings, never stop acquiring specialized knowledge related to their major purpose, business or profession.”

When I was younger and living at home, I witnessed some interesting behaviors among my mom’s friends. They were drinkers. One of the things I observed was their type of humor. It often had an edge to it; a bite. For some reason, I remember many of the sayings printed on their cocktail napkins. One in particular has stayed with me. As a child it was vaguely offensive and confusing. It said, “If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?”

Looking back I suppose it was meant to subdue the boasting that often accompanies the consumption of booze. Ironically, because of my personal growth work as an Internet marketer, I finally now know the answer to that question! Hill explains it, “As knowledge is acquired it must be organized and put into use, for a definite purpose, through practical plans.”

As one who has a degree in Philosophy, (and two Masters degrees), and has spent most of my life learning mostly for the pleasure of it, this is a whole new understanding for me. And it is both enlivening and powerful. To take all of my “Liberal Arts” education and now be immersed in business is nothing less than electrifying. I work many hours a day, with a zeal I’ve not known for some time.

Still, there are times when we can neither work, nor play, nor sleep. Because life in all its splendor has other plans. It reminds us that we simply must attend to the kids, bake the cake, care for the cat, do the laundry and take out the snake. But then, oh happy day, it’s back to work!

The Attributes Required For Building a Home Internet Business

Many of you would be considering building a home internet business to tide over the economic downturn in current times. This can be a step in the right direction when you know the attributes required to ensure your success. Let us consider some of the major attributes that are necessary.
1. Self discipline
Self discipline is a major attribute in required to succeed in a home internet business. People who have been used to working under supervision will need to tune into an environment where they suddenly become the bosses of their own business. Setting apart dedicated hours to attend to your business and sticking to it can be challenging unless you have great determination and the zeal to succeed.
2. Balancing work and life
When you are building an internet business, the demands on your time from the family can interfere with the work schedule. Delivery commitments are very critical in internet business and there will be few takers for excuses. Unlike in a regular job, absence from work will need adequate planning and communication. Sudden disappearance and consequent delay in deliveries can inflict permanent damage to your business. You should therefore learn the fine art of balancing work and life to succeed in your business.

3. Managing money
In a regular job, you get paid at regular intervals and how the employer finds the money to pay you is not your bother. But, when you are building a home internet business, your income stream can potentially be lean in the beginning. The regular bills will still continue to be what they were. This hard truth should be factored into your business for smooth money management. Remember that depending on the type of your business, you may also have additional bills to foot.

The Biggest Secret to Staying Raw

It has always fascinated me as to why some people seem to get into raw foods and stay there while others yo-yo for months, years or even decades. The conclusion I have come to after much observation, thought and reflection is that quite simply some people have a lot more incentive than others. They have an exceptionally BIG WHY.

For some – a very tiny percentage it seems – it just resonates so completely and deeply with them from the get-go that no matter what life may bring or what others might say, there is simply no room for maneuver, and this, I feel is pretty amazing – respect! For others besides, their health dictates that raw food is the only food their body will tolerate, period, and so eating anything else is not an option unless they want to feel extremely ill and suffer accordingly. For others even less physically well it may even mean the difference between life and death.

It has been my reality and the majority of my clients that, sporadically, and even to this day I have to keep almost constant vigilance on my thoughts and feelings to stay with raw food when it would be so much easier sometimes not to. As soon as I find myself thinking “non-raw” thoughts, even though they are rare and while I don’t give myself a hard time about it like I once used to, I do find myself feeling frustrated that it even crosses my mind when intellectually I know all the reasons why I shouldn’t, physically my body simply does not respond positively to cooked foods and spiritually I know that raw food is the perfect fuel for me at the highest level. Which only leaves one thing, right? Emotions!

Yes, most of us are emotional eaters whether we realize it or not. We are largely far more sensitive creatures than we realize and while women are typically more prone to comfort eating than men, there are many men who also reach for bread and cheese or chocolate chip cookies when life gets them down – and how!

A clue to the Biggest Secret that I speak of lays in the last few words of the last line above: “when life gets them down”.

As regular readers will know, one of the key facets of my raw food philosophy is that we are energetic beings living in an energetic world, where our food and drink also has its own unique resonance (as does everything in this world); and so our food choices, like everything we bring into our world, internally or externally – in thought, feeling or form, will by default affect our own resonance positively or negatively.

As such we frequently find ourselves in what we might perceive as negative situations or states – stress, fear, frustration, worry etc. and consequently we are far more likely to reach for foods with the same or similar energy, especially when hungry, because like attracts like and somehow on some level it just feels somehow “right” even if our head is saying “no, no, no!”.

I believe that our job as conscious health seekers is to recognise this, however difficult it may be at times, and to consciously choose higher vibration foods (e.g. fresh fruit, wild greens and living foods which sit at top of the tree vibrationally, especially when freshly picked) along with other high vibrational activities, places or people so that we can bring ourselves up and out of the feeling and once more increase our resonance and get back to poise and balance.

Easier said than done sometimes though, eh?

This is where “having your house in order” is vital; whether it means literally clearing the clutter internally or externally, sorting out longstanding issues of any kind at all, having your kitchen set up for success so that raw is easy, having the genuine heartfelt desire to go raw and stay raw, or knowing who you are and what you want (no small issue) – all of these things help tip the scales so that you can stay raw more easily when something less-than-great comes up against you. This advice just given is a good tip that all of us can use, and one that is easily overlooked: Tip the everyday scales in your favor so that one piece of stress doesn’t alter your equilibrium too much, and it will only take a tiny tweak to get you back on track. Call it “saving the energetic pennies” if you like!

All that said, and as valid as it may be, the biggest piece of the jigsaw, I feel, the “must-have” at the very top of the list and the biggest secret of all – is having a life vision that is as inspiring and magnificent and as personal to us as we can possibly make it. In short, a life that is bigger than us, as beautiful as it can be and something we can and will step into, because living foods equal expansion and growth and you absolutely must have somewhere to grow – and the bigger the better.

Or, more accurately by far – and this is vital: The Brighter The Better. Raw plant foods bring light into our physical by the very fact that they have been grown in the sunshine and have taken it into their form (and it hasn’t been cooked out). I believe it is our job as human beings to embody as much light and power as possible, and raw foods are just one more way – and a very significant way, that we can take this on and literally shine from the inside out.

The latter is key, because, have a think about it… “When life gets me down I want to eat cooked food” (and this can be true sometimes for even just a little bit down), but the good news is that also the opposite is true: “When life lifts me up eating raw is easy!”

If you fall into the yo-yo category as I have done, my coaching challenge to you this week is to take a very close look at your life – every facet of your life, in as minute detail as you can possibly manage and to be brutally honest with yourself about what has been bringing you down short term and perhaps longer. Write down every little thing you can think of, all will become clear as to why at the end of this article.

Then, for challenge number two, do the opposite. Reflect back on all the times you stayed raw for a significant period of time, say one whole month without exceptions – whatever feels significant for you – and ask yourself, “What was going on in my life then? Where was I at in my world on the outside and on the inside?” Chances are it won’t be very long before you start making some connections as to why some chapters of your life were harder to stay raw than others. Note all of these positive factors down too.

For my part I have come to a point in my own journey and evolution where my toleration of “less than wonderful” is down to virtually nil. This is shocking to me; I never predicted this, even though it has been incremental and I have noticed it happening… but suddenly, since my life-changing trip to Sedona in October it has been harder to argue with this reality than ever before. After many years of pursuing a lighter path I have become so used to living in a very happy place (inside and out) that as soon as I come into contact with a person, circumstance or general life event that doesn’t feel good to me I am very sensitive to it – just like I am with cooked food – and if I keep myself in that situation any longer than absolutely necessary then I am immediately transported to a lower state where cooked foods suddenly look appealing again. Very interesting! This is absolutely why spiritual teachers talk to us about spiritual protection; we have to hold on to the good energy we have accrued and not give permission or opportunity to anyone or anything to take it away. I think it is high time I polished up my golden sphere and got myself back into it!!

So the challenge here is for each of us to keep our eyes to the sky, and with every extra step you take on your raw food journey to recognize that as your raw energy increases and affects you on every level, so too will you have to consciously keep your eye on the game as far as how your life is showing up externally, because the two need to be a perfect match. If they’re not, if your energy keeps rising and you haven’t moved your goalposts forward then I feel absolutely sure that it won’t be long before you get bored and start looking around for additional thrills in the shape of “forbidden” foods or other toxic activities because quite frankly, they will excite the mind, body, emotions and spirit more than ever before – and not necessarily in a good way!

Just as a teenager may experiment with recreational substances for a thrill that takes them out of reality and into something more exciting (but physically damaging), so too will we return to the “excitement” that is cooked food, because the cleaner we get the more it stimulates us and the bigger rush we feel. It is the sneaky influence that comes in with big promises and yet leaves us feeling worse than we did before – always. The more raw you go the more you will know this to be true.

The secret therefore is to keep moving your vision further out. As you grow and evolve, so should your idea of who you are and what you can accomplish or experience during this lifetime. Energetically I believe anything is possible. I believe that your life can be as big as any vision you choose to hold. I believe that by the very fact that you can conceive it, you CAN achieve it. I have proved this true many times in my own life with very big and bold goals that the old me would have thought impossible. You just have to ask for answers, to find your path, to ask for help and guidance and listen to what comes into your life, but most importantly of all you have to keep taking action and every action needs to be in the “upward” direction, taking you further into positive and further tipping those scales.

When the body aligns itself with this reality through the power of raw and living foods, then indeed a whole new world of possibilities opens up. If we are not ready for this, do not understand it or fear we may be lonely walking this incredible path, then you can imagine… Once again we have more than a few “good reasons” to eat cooked food, especially since everyone else is doing it! But hold fast, because this is pioneering territory and you will know as well as I do, that when you step into raw you step into a world that you never want to leave.

So… Challenge number three is to get clear on what you want “the other side” to look like if you are to stay the right side of the door. What does your idea of Raw Heaven look and feel like? Who are you within it? Who is with you? What are you doing? How do you spend your days? Where are you going? All these things and more are vital for you to get clear on if you want to stay conscious in a bright new world that challenges you to tap more into your unconscious while staying in the land of the living! I believe this is what we were meant to experience when we were told to pursue creating heaven on earth. Unfortunately the common belief on our planet is that our physical body has no part to play in this vision other than to simply sit within it and look at it! I believe that our body in many ways IS it, and everything springs from there – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, connection, actions – and thus by our thoughts, feelings and actions a new reality is created. Big stuff I know, but tell me I’m wrong? Is this not why we were told to treat our body as a temple?

This would certainly explain why those who spend a large part of their energy talking about why they can’t go raw or can’t make their mind up about it stay stuck in the yo-yo zone. They want both worlds and fully own neither. They focus on what they don’t have or can’t do instead of focusing on the positive that is there and then building on it. Both big mistakes, and both I have been guilty of at different times and repeatedly in my own history which is why I can see them so clearly now looking back. If you try to walk two worlds then of course you’ll have one foot in cooked food and another in raw! It’s time to step over the threshold.

I firmly believe that when you get clear on where you are, what you want and then go wholeheartedly after it, that is the secret to staying raw. Yes, we have logistical and practical issues – sometimes smaller ones like eating out, socializing and so forth and sometimes larger ones like family opposition and suppression – but imagine if your life depended on it; don’t you think you would find a way of eating raw come what may? You would have to! People would accommodate you. You would have to make some changes but you would be fine. You would be better than fine! So, why not take on this belief anyway, and live as if it’s true… because as we have discussed, in many respects your life really does depend on it, if we are talking about the kind of life that is far more exciting, rewarding and “surreal” than the one you’re currently living and is actually the one you’re designed for and have been called to live.

How is that for some food for thought on a rainy Friday in November?!

With all this said, despite the cold dark nights, look to Nature once more for inspiration. This is the time of year for introspection and contemplation; not necessarily launching into big new projects and running around trying to do it all – especially when Nature herself is shedding leaves left and right and quietly, externally shutting down while creating new life out of human sight.

Instead I suggest that you use this time of year to work out your game plan for the spring that lays ahead. USE this time to hone your skills, work through your blocks and release all that that does not serve you. Winter time can be the perfect time for sleeping more, for restoring, for reviving and quietly regenerating and creating new buds of life. Let the dark winter nights be your universal blanket; close your eyes, open your heart to the stars and see what magic falls upon you like powdery snowflakes when your intention is pure, authentic and has unshakeable vision and conviction. This is the time to find out who you are. This is the time to listen to the calling of your heart for where to go next. This is the time to start planning your route. And by the time your work is done the days will have grown longer again and you will be able to move into your game plan with increasing zest and zeal, as you enter the next chapter of your raw evolution in sync with your truest self. This is your chance to start playing hard ball if you’re ready. If you have had enough of yo-yoing to national competition level (!), then now is your chance to commit to walking through the door and shutting it fast behind you. You may be pleasantly surprised about what lays waiting for you on the other side. Seemingly great risks can often bring the greatest and most unimaginable of rewards. Just make sure you bring some company – you’ll be wanting someone to dance with.