Advantages That Educational Games Hold For Your Kids

Sports and games are integral part of childhood. Informative games allow your kids to play, exercise and release the stress they collect in school. Absence of learning games can put the physical and mental health of your kid at risk. It may lead your kid towards obesity and depression.

Children games are essential to lessen the stress level among kids and ensure that they completely enjoy their vacations. However, stiff competition among kids and recent transformations in academic pattern has necessitated the need of unique children games that offers your kids an excellent opportunity to play and learn.

Yes, that’s true, kid’s educational games and toys are selling like hot cakes. The demand for such games is on the rise as it performs the dual function of entertainment and learning. These learning toys are developed to ensure all round speedy development of your kid. This concept is fairly new but has received appreciation from parents and teachers alike.

Educational toys will enable your kids to learn various basic concepts with absolute fun. They are designed and developed to make sure that your child understands everything in an easy to understand way. Learning games are intended to teach your kids various academic things in a fun-filled manner and ensure that everything is easier for them to grasp. These games are also helpful in ensuring that your kids stay in the pink of their health. Educational toys will provide extensive resources by which you can teach your kid the necessary skills needed by him to tackle different situations in life.

Learning games are both fun and challenging and enable your kids to gain information about different colors, shapes, numbers and alphabets. It will go an extra mile to improve the sensory skills of your kid. Most of the children games that you will come across on the internet utilize both colors and counting to teach kids in a fun and entertaining way.

More advanced educational games will also utilize sound and movement to ensure better understanding and accelerate the learning process among kids. Make sure that you buy the toys or games that are appropriate for the age of your kids and perfectly suit their learning style. These play sets will instill the feeling of confidence and analytical skills in your child. It will help them to carry out difference activities with full zeal and enthusiasm. These games will enable you to develop a healthy relationship with your kid that you can carry for the rest of your life.

5 Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategies for Leaders!

Here’s a really simple way to think about the ins and
outs, the doing and practice or attitudes and behaviors of
being a leader.

Many times I get asked certain questions that tell me that
there seems to be some confusion concerning these
critical areas of the leadership mission:

1) When and who can, should or will leaders need to lead?

2) What do leaders actually do?

3) How and in what ways do leaders appear to lead?

This article will show you how to analyze, define and
perform the most important task of a leader’s job – that
is, to enrich human capital.

You will appreciate this one essential truth: leaders need
to invest in and leverage the various factors, variables
and elements of the “human capital equation”.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy – Number 1:
Learn the Nature of Your Capital Assets!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You will want to use your understanding of the four generic
asset categories that form “human capital”.

In a word, your success as a leader depends on your answer
to this simple question: what are human capital assets?

Our capital assets are defined as the ways we bring value
to our world, to our environment and to our evolution.

Because people purposely add value to the circumstances of
their lives, I call each of those value-appreciating areas,
a “capital asset”.

These assets or value-enhancing capabilities are:

Production – the ability to create, evaluate, perform,
deliver, process, supply, execute, apply, produce and many
other “functional” activities.

Knowledge – may be thought of as having an ability to think,
analyze, conceive, extrapolate, interpret or translate and
other mental, reasoning, cogitating or intellectual actions.

Social – the forming of relationships, communities, teams,
partnerships or alliances, the developing and sustaining of
networks, interactions, exchanges or transactions with and
between other people.

Utilization – concepts involving capabilities towards,
growing, improving, enhancing, evolving, developing,
learning, educating and progressing beyond one’s innate or
natural ability – an ability to act towards and achieve the
fulfillment of one’s potential

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy – Number 2:
Focus the Considerable Impacts of Our Capital Assets!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you can maintain the idea of focusing attention on,
sharpening the impact and magnifying the effects of each of
those 4 capital asset areas.

You can be certain that when you do all of these actions,
you will find a venerable treasure trove of positive

So what should you concentrate your efforts on developing?
Here are some possible beneficial pay-offs:

Value – you will increase the impact of this desirable
benefit simply by constantly questioning the meaning of
your group’s work engagements – are we doing this task to
add value or because we have to or are supposed to do it?

Quality – improving the quality of the processes that your
group uses to accomplish its work must be a continual
process unto itself – how much and in what ways do we
leverage the 4 capital asset areas to enhance our
efficiency, our resourcefulness and effectiveness?

Motives – what inspires you is many times just as important
as what your motivation inspires you to achieve – does your
group invest any of their time and energies into exploring
the values, beliefs, meanings, purposes and objectives
propelling their daily efforts?

Capacity – building upon the competencies, performances,
know-how and knowledge, facts and figures and growth
opportunities are critical in these days of disruptive,
brutally dynamic, break-neck pace of change – how do you
develop the capacity or potential for each of the 4 capital
asset areas?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy – Number 3:
Fully Engage the Power of Your Capital Attributes!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You are already very familiar with each of your capital
attributes – they are, your physical, intellectual,
spiritual and developmental natures.

Successful leaders endeavor to fully involve those
attributes of our human natures – they understand that
people are at their best when they totally engage:

- Their 5 physical senses,

- Their creative and cognitive minds,

- Their soul [their will, psychological and emotional
natures] and spirit

- Their ability to learn new things and then innovate and
apply their new knowledge to problems, challenges and

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy – Number 4:
Grandly Evolve, Expand and Energize Your Resources!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The most important thing in every organized effort is the
human resource. There are just three rules concerning the
human resource – it should not be under-utilized, it should
never be under-estimated and it must not be

It’s really a sickness that most leaders inflict on their
groups. 95% of all organizations violate all three of those
rules everyday – want proof?

Just look for any of the following symptoms of the disease
in your organization, base of operations or yourself:

- Unimaginative, uninspired work products or practices

- Frustrated, fearful, worried employees

- Sabotage, theft [minor items like pens, paper, etc.]

- Lapses in ethical behaviors, morality and truthfulness

- Absence of leaders who are or feel empowered to act

Excellent leaders seek ways to maximize, expand-upon and
broaden the scope of involvement of their people’s bodies,
minds, spirits and souls – nurture your people and they’ll
nourish your prosperity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Human Capital Asset Enrichment Strategy – Number 5:
Inspire, Influence, Involve, Incite, Instigate, Incentivize,
Include, Incorporate, Increase, Incubate, Inculcate,
Indemnify, Induce Them to Enrich Their Capital Assets!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Leaders are “In-” it all for the long haul – leaders always
“In-”vest their energies “In-”to the growth and enrichment
of their people.

You should attempt to follow Strategy Number-5 with all the
zeal, enthusiasm and love that you can muster – when you do,
you will discover that literal chest of treasures that
usually lies hidden deep “In-”side your people.

You’ll discover that there are numerous opportunities “In-”
the resources, attributes, potential impacts and assets of
human beings for you to “In-”geniously, “In-”variably
“In-”veigle and demonstrate your care and concern for your
people’s welfare and advancement.

It’s “In-” your best interests to work exclusively and fully
“In-”volve yourself “In-” the critical activities of
coaching, mentoring, counseling, guiding, challenging,
educating, “In-”spiring and empowering your people “In-” all
that they do.


Whether you called a leader or think of yourself as just a
follower you too can enrich the human capital assets of the
people under your care.

If you work with knowledge, perform some service or
supervise people or a process, you can use the lessons
learned in this article to add value, leverage human
resources, inspire others and develop potential.

Now that you know the strategies of human capital
appreciation, you should experiment first with your own work
activities, then try it these principles on your friends,
families and associates at work – make your world a better,
more enjoyable place, enrich your space today.

Author, consultant and successful leader, Jim Rohn, tells us
that, “A good objective of leadership is to help those who
are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing
well to do even better.”

You can turn these 5 enrichment strategies into a wonderful,
productive, positive and tangibly glorious reality in your
own life.

You don’t need a business card to say you are a leader, your
boss doesn’t have to appoint you to a position of leadership
and you don’t need a badge to act like a leader.

As the famous advertisement urges us all to, “Just Do It!”

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The Un-Welcomed Gift of Endurance – It’s All About How Far You Go After You Have Been Hit

“… giving no cause for offense in anything, so that the ministry will not be discredited, Rather, as servants of God, we commend ourselves in every way: in great endurance; in troubles, hardships and distresses; in beatings, imprisonments and riots; in hard work, sleepless nights and hunger . . . with weapons of righteousness in the right hand and in the left; through glory and dishonor, bad report and good report; genuine, yet regarded as impostors; known, yet regarded as unknown; dying, and yet we live on; beaten, and yet not killed; sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything. (2 Cor. 6:3 -10, NIV)

The Christian of today needs to have the zeal of a zealot, the spirit of a soldier, the guts of a gladiator, and the attitude of an athlete. But that’s a lesson in itself.

To endure. It is the ultimate test of faith, because the very definition of endurance – to undergo hardship without giving in – implies no promise of pay-off, no sense of a beginning, middle, and an end. A true test of endurance leaves few clues about how long you’ll have to hang on. It offers no light at the end of the tunnel, no marker by which to measure that last, labored sprint to the finish line. If you could see the finish line, it wouldn’t be endurance.

The Bible lists endurance as a gift, on the same short list as faith and love. Yet, if you are going through extended tough times, you may be saying to yourself, Endurance – a gift? A booby prize, maybe.

Have you ever wondered as you drive cross-country, as you drive at warp speed with bugs exploding like paint balls on your windshield . . . what this journey must have been like for early settlers who made the trek in covered wagons, with no comfy Motel 6′s along the way, no Burger Kings, no roadside attractions. Just miles and miles of prairie. How did they endure, bouncing along in their buckboards, under constant threat of Indian attack, with no clear idea where they were headed or when they were supposed to stop?

Fortunately, being stranded on the prairie is one endurance test you and I will likely never have to face. But we’ve all suffered trials – spells in the wilderness we thought would never come to an end. My own life, like many of you, has had its share of pain. Most of it came from my own lousy choices, (by the way, as I found out, Stupidity is not a spiritual gift) but the heartache was just as real.

Some of us make nice quiet little mistakes that hardly go noticed; but some of us, like me, make those loud, in your face, “hey look at me” mistakes. Something I have learned though, is I MUST endure it, learn from it, get up, and not walk… NEVER walk, but always get up and RUN! Get back in the race!

We don’t have time to walk in this life. Save the victory walk for Heaven when you can walk without being attacked. You haven’t accomplished anything yet. If you’re still here, then you’re still in the race!

I didn’t handle things quite so gracefully. I whined and pouted. I stomped my feet and shook my fist at the heavens. Life didn’t turn out like I expected, and I couldn’t seem to let that go. But slowly and over time, God changed my heart, and still is each and every day.

Hebrews 12:29 “for our God is a consuming fire.” When I started to fizzle out, nothing left… He ignited me again. If you will just let Him in, He will always let you win!

James 1:12 (New American Standard Bible)

12 Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

What is it that you’ve had to endure? Chronic illness? Unemployment? An aging parent’s slow deterioration from Alzheimer’s? When you find yourself faced with what seem like never-ending periods of disappointment and hardship, rather than question His divine judgment, pray for the strength to endure. Then be open to the lessons this experience may have to teach you. The next time you’re tempted to think God has singled you out for the “booby prize” of endurance, consider this challenge from the Apostle Paul:

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. (Hebrews 12:1-3, NIV)

Herb Lusk, now a preacher but was a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles, was known as the “Praying Tailback.” He tells a story about a player he saw on his own team that was a lineman.

This lineman went in front of him to block for him, and Herb says he saw this players’ finger bend all the way backwards against his hand when the opposing player hit him. After the play, Herb says he looked at the player with the severely dislocated finger… the skin stretched, the bone visible just under the skin, obviously with torn tissue inside and swelling… and Herb says he just about fainted just looking at it.

Then he watched as this man with some obvious pain reached over with his other hand and grabbed the finger, jerked it back into place and put his hands back on his knees, ready for the next play.

After they went to the sidelines, Herb says he was just sure that he would see this player calling for a medic or some kind of medical attention because the swelling and bruising was awful… but instead, this player called out for someone to bring him some tape! They brought him some duct tape, he wrapped his finger and hand until you couldn’t see his hand, then ran back out onto the field to finish the game and started clubbing people with that hand!

Now folks, that’s the kind of Christians we need to be! Take the hits, endure the pain, keep your eye on Jesus and win the game, and God will keep us going and will heal us in the end! Endure!

In professional football, they measure their effectiveness and strength by what they term YAC-Yards, that is, Yards After Contact. Their strength and endurance is measured by how many yards they can get after they’ve made contact with the opposing team. Making yards, progress, is easy through the hole when you’re not getting hit. Anyone can do that… it’s how many yards you can make after you’ve been hit, when the bottom falls out. Every child of God should be able to make YAC-Yards… After you’ve been talked about; After you’ve been put down; After sickness…

Job said “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Though he slay me, yet will I Trust in Him.”


Boxing Story

I was reading some history about a prize fighter from years ago, John L. Sullivan, at that point he was the best Heavyweight Champion. Now, there was a pip-squeak guy that had been set-up to fight John L. Sullivan, and they gave this guy 1,000:1 odds in this fight. They knew that he wouldn’t even last the first round.

The 1st round, John L. Sullivan hit him so hard his whole body shook!

When this fighter returned to his corner, his trainer asked “How ya doin’?”

Fighter – “Doin’ alright, but when he hit me I felt that hit from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet. But I said to myself, ‘If I could just go one more round’.”

The 2nd round, John L. Sullivan hit him so hard that it lifted him clear off the mat, and he came down and he fell on his back… saved by the bell, they drug him back to his corner again.

His trainer asked, “Do you want me to throw in the towel?!”

The fighter answered, “No, let me see if I can do it just one more round.”

He went back out and John L. Sullivan hit his eyes so hard that they were swollen and puffy and he couldn’t see. Back in the corner, they took razorblades and they slit his eyes so he could see.

His trainer asked, “Do you want me to throw in the towel?!”

He said “No, no, no… Just one more round”

The next round he got hit so hard that he was literally praying that it would be the knock-out punch, but it didn’t knock him out! And he was saying to himself, “If I could just make it one more round”

This was the longest prize fight in history at that time.

He went back out the next round and got knocked down 3 times! And guess what he said?

Just one more round!

The 20th round – he came out barely standing, bloody, and bludgeoned, trying to cover himself, and guess what he said?

Just one more round!

25 rounds of fighting, beaten down and over and over again saying to himself what?

One more round!

Over and over again he said to himself… One more round!

Bloody & bludgeoned – one more round!

Eyes puffed & swollen, but – one more round!

Legs weak, but – one more round!

Too tired to stand, but – one more round!

And that last round he came out and hit John L. Sullivan and knocked him out cold!

I don’t know anything about John L. Sullivan personally, but we have someone who wants to beat us down and destroy us also; the equivalent of a John L. Sullivan in our midst, and his name is Satan; but he’s a liar and the Truth is not in him and I say to you, when he hits you, I want you to say;

Just one more round, that’s all I want,

Just one more round, just let me stand, just one more round, just give me the strength!

Just one more round, one more round, one more round…

And you will knock him out.

Matthew 24:13 (New American Standard Bible)

13 “But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

Matthew 10:22 (New American Standard Bible)

22 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but it is the one who has endured to the end who will be saved.

2 Timothy 2:3 (New American Standard Bible)

3 “Suffer hardship with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

1 Corinthians 13:7

7 (Speaking about Love…) “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Hebrews 12:4 – 7

4 “You have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood in your striving against sin;

5 and you have forgotten the exhortation which is addressed to you as sons,





7 “It is for discipline that you endure; God deals with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline?”

James 5:11 (New American Standard Bible)

11We count those blessed who endured. You have heard of the endurance of Job and have seen the outcome of the Lord’s dealings, that the Lord is full of compassion and is merciful.

1 Peter 1:25 (New American Standard Bible)


And this is the word which was preached to you.”

We don’t endure alone; God is with you every step, even when you don’t look to Him, even when you don’t see Him, when your pride blinds you, anger and not understanding burns inside you, and humiliation deflates you… Jesus understands, as He carries you in His arms gently through it with compassion for you that you can’t even begin to understand, but He does.

So, just pray for the strength to go “one more round.” In the last round of this life, you can win by knocking out the adversary. You will take some hits in this life, and you will hurt, those are just simple facts that we as humans must face and understand. Endurance is our weapon, our developed skill of taking the hits, still making forward progress… those YAC Yards… and finishing the race. Endure! Gain stregnth! And win!

Make this your daily mantra; Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome! No matter what the challenge or how hard the difficulties, get over them, under them, around them, or through them! Never let your situation redefine who you really are! Beat the odds, meet the challenge, and win by pure endurance… a single blow knock-out!

You, and only you, determine the outcome of a challenge. You have the strength. You have the power. You have a promise from the very one who created you. Even death cannot win. Now, you have a choice… do you make YAC Yards? Do you keep getting up for one more round? You can beat whatever is against you, whatever is hurting, challenging, closing in, and trying to keep you beat down. You have the strength. Use that unwelcomed gift of endurance and get back up where you belong!

Self-Love Is The New Frontier, Part 2


The consciousness Paul helped create began to expand and quickly became such a threat to the authorities that eventually, in 313 AD, the Roman emperor Constantine came to the conclusion he would gain politically if he was to legalize Christian worship. Once he had done this, in 325 AD he oversaw the Council of Nicea in order to decide what information would be allowed in the Bible. Paul’s words were included only because they encouraged loyalty to authority and were an example of someone who lived a life of sacrifice and dedication even as he suffered, something Constantine wanted others to emulate because it would allow him to maintain political control over the faithful. He wanted people suffering, not satisfied and content. It was a brilliant scheme that worked because the masses continued to allow themselves to be told what to do and how to live.

At this point in time we were still willing to accept victimhood to the mind, as represented by authority, allowing it to maintain its dictatorship over our heart, which is why we soon entered into what has been called the “dark age” because of the amount of suppression of the human spirit through bloodshed that took place in the name of religion. The heart of humanity was crying out and again we all collectively agreed to do whatever we needed to do to allow energy to begin bringing forth into our reality opportunity for us to expand and evolve. The invention of the printing press in 1440 was one of the first major events that allowed for a shift in our consciousness to occur because for the first time it gave the populous access to what was actually written in the Bible.

This was quickly followed by the Protestant Reformation, which began in 1517 when Martin Luther presented his “95 Theses” to a church in Wittenberg, Germany. This was followed by the Industrial Revolution and later, the American Revolution, which saw the beginning of a democratic form of government.

While all this was taking place, both Roman Catholics and Protestants were conducting which hunts throughout Europe in an attempt to eliminate sorcery, which was considered to be from the devil. The expansion of the consciousness was allowing for people to open up to the spiritual dimensions but anyone who had such a gift was burned at the stake because their awareness was a major threat to religious authorities who still needed to maintain control of the masses at all costs. However, it was only a matter of time before the consciousness would no longer allow this practice to continue.

Something else that had occurred much earlier was that the church and state had become bed partners and, despite the intentions of America to separate the two, once a brand of democracy caught on in England, both countries continued to use their authority to suppress others through missionary zeal in the name of spreading freedom and democracy. Indigenous cultures became the victims, and we know all too well about the use of slavery as well.

Everything I’ve discussed so far in terms of history has been my way of taking us through the evolution of our consciousness. As you can see, despite the continual dictatorship of the mind, which used authority to suppress the masses in extremely brutal ways, a gradual awakening of who we really are was occurring. Humanity was gaining freedom to an extent, and the more we gained, the more we longed for an even greater freedom, that of the heart. And yet, while on the one hand our consciousness was demanding freedom, on the other hand this continued to be a major threat to the dictatorship of the mind. This is why we saw the rise of dictators who ruled their countries with an iron hand.

It was this deeper longing that energetically called forth the two major world wars, which was our collective creation as divine beings because we continued to believe we were victims in need of salvation. Such a belief is the root of feeling unworthy and that nothing is ever good enough, which has been the primary driving force behind our desire for an improved lifestyle all along. Remember, the fact that we suppressed our dark side caused us to become fragmented within. World Wars I & II reflected this fragmentation on a global level when the dark and light were literally at war with each other.

Both of these wars wore down the spirit of humanity so it was a huge relief when they were finally over. This relief opened the door for the consciousness to expand to an even greater level of awareness. The Beatles led the way in the creation of the hippie movement, which reflected the collective consciousness because at its core it was tired of authority and just wanted to live freely in the spirit of peace and love. Such a notion didn’t take hold at the time because we still weren’t ready for it, but it did plant a seed that has been germinating over the past 40+ years and is now beginning to sprout.


Which brings me to today. There are a lot of prophecies going around about 2012 and most of them are about doom and gloom. But if you ask the indigenous cultures, they’ll tell you 2012 represents the end of a 26,000-year cycle. Although none of these cultures have a clear idea what lies ahead, they all agree that it has something to do with humanity waking up to a greater awareness of who we are. To me, this means remembering we are divine-and this means learning how to love ourselves. That is why Self-love is the new frontier. It’s time to actually live Jesus’ commandment of loving your neighbor as yourself by falling in love with the divine so that we become an embodiment of unconditional love.

Time magazine named “The Protestor” as its “Person of the Year,” stating, “A year after a Tunisian fruit vendor set himself ablaze, dissent has spread across the Middle East, to Europe and the U.S., reshaping global politics and redefining people power.” This reflects the level of shift in consciousness that is now occurring and the dissent being felt around the globe comes from a demand for authenticity at the soul level. We have become so tired of the status quo that our awareness of who we are has literally caused a shift in the way energy works.

Consequently, by collective agreement today anything that suppresses the human spirit and is unauthentic will no longer be tolerated by the energy. Since the mind is the main dictator that we have been using all along to keep ourselves from being truly authentic (by not allowing ourselves to be expressed in any way that would be considered unacceptable and would thus threaten our need for acceptance and approval), this means the mind’s ability to analyze, figure out solutions, and keep everything under control is no longer going to work in this new energy. Another thing that is not real is our belief in being separate from the divine and thus, this belief is now being questioned as well, and will eventually be shattered in the new energy we have created.

The need for salvation has always been with us since the beginning and has served us in a wonderful way. It was the underlying motivation for looking outside ourselves attempting to remember who we are, but it caused us to believe we are unworthy without it and this belief has influenced everything in our life. It has been the impetus that has motivated us to improve our lot in life. We feel we need to work hard in order to earn our keep, for example.

Even though Apostle Paul preached a different brand of God than his fellow Jews, it was based on the same need to manipulate others. This is because he continued to suppress his dark emotions. He felt unworthy, not good enough, and in need of being saved from this dilemma. Today this drive for something better shows up in our need to set goals and then manipulate others in whatever way will work to achieve those goals. We’re driven by competition. All this comes from deep-seated beliefs in needing salvation.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Again, it’s what has caused us to expand our consciousness. Competition involves struggle, through which change has always occurred, which then brings a new level of clarity or awareness. This is the belief we initially created and energy has been working in support of it ever since.

Each time a shift occurred it was because we had collectively reached an unbearable point in our struggle with the status quo so that our desire for something better was off the charts. This is the level of desire that causes energy to begin shaping itself accordingly and as a result circumstances happen that allow for something new. This is the way it’s worked all along and whenever the collective consciousness has expanded to a new level of awareness, all of us have always had access to it. We are all affected and experience the change in our personal lives and in our perception of life around us, which is how and why the vast majority of the world has become civilized. Thus, today life is totally different from the way we perceived it in the beginning.

In the beginning change occurred very slowly because of the density of our consciousness. As time went on, our ability to move to new levels of consciousness became a bit easier, so that it occurred more quickly. The more we expanded, the faster expansion occurred. By the time we reached the 20th century, especially the second half, things were advancing at an unprecedented speed compared to even the beginning of the same century.


By 2007 we had collectively expanded so much in our awareness of who we are that we literally took a quantum leap in our consciousness, which actually created a new energy in which the need for struggle as a means of creation is no longer necessary or needed. At our core we’ve known all along that all the competing and manipulating wasn’t necessary, and we at long last became so aware of this that we literally reached the unbearable point, causing energy to take the quantum shift.

This doesn’t mean that the old energy way of creation doesn’t work. You can see people everywhere involved in competition and benefiting from it. However, when you become aware that it’s not necessary, and we all have access to such an awareness within the collective consciousness, you suddenly begin losing interest, similar to when we lost interest in continuing to use Cassette tapes when CD’s were introduced. And yet, because the old energy patterns are so engrained within us from our entire historical evolution, our tendency is to cling on to them. This is causing a great deal of stress because even though most are not aware of the existence of the new energy, it can be felt because it exists within the collective consciousness. This new energy is causing us to feel deep down that we’re not somehow being true to ourselves, and this threatens our integrity-but most don’t really see this and without understanding, life can really get hectic.

In the new energy, all the drive to achieve a purpose and goal, striving for a better life, competing to get more, is not as fulfilling as it used to be because it ultimately does not allow us to feel true joy and love of self. Yes, it feels good to accomplish a goal, but no matter how much we achieve and accomplish, deep down it’s never good enough because this entire way of doing things is not based in the now.

Even for those who have managed to earn a six, or even seven figure income, and have found a way to have a lot of time for themselves to do whatever they want, there’s a nagging feeling inside that wants more and it keeps driving them to work harder. We are driven to improve our future by getting away from our past, but this has kept us from experiencing the now moment, which is where the “life eternal” that Jesus promised is found. Instead, something in us always wants more, and this is why we’ve never been able to create peace on the planet. Even when we did have it to a large extent, like at the end of World War II, it didn’t last because we were still chasing after future goals. Besides, there have been plenty of dictators all along, and for peace to truly come on a global level, these rulers will all need to be replaced by leaders who allow freedom for their people.

The Consciousness we are in today is calling us all to become authentic, and this means literally letting go of who we thought we were-someone who needs to prove our worthiness, ultimately to God, but this gets translated into needing to prove to the world that we’re good, worthy, acceptable. This is why we do what we do, but it’s all based on an illusion. The more people become aware of these illusions, the more they will collapse.

When you see them for what they are-illusions, that’s when you know it’s time to let the old go, but what does this mean? It means getting to know the real divine you. This requires trust, but not in an outside God, but in yourself. Developing trust in yourself creates a safe space inside that no one can ever take away from you. You can always go within to this place when things become challenging. The more trust you have in yourself, the easier it becomes to be at ease even if everything around you appears to be falling apart. This safe space was always there inside us, we were just unaware of it, so we had no idea we could cultivate a relationship with it.

The more trust you have in yourself, the more love you feel for yourself. Your safe space within becomes your source for comfort, security, and that warm feeling of knowing you’re understood and accepted, just the way you are. When you feel this within, you no longer need to go outside to find it. That’s when the manipulating and feeding on other’s energy stops. You begin doing things out of passion, which comes from your soul, rather than being driven by the pursuit of a purpose. You are no longer concerned about the outcome because you trust that whatever it is, it’s going to be perfect and in divine order because after all, as a divine being, why would you not take care of yourself?

And so it is that Self-love is the new frontier. Absolute trust means knowing we are all part of a grand design of our soul. Fear, worry and doubt, by-products of putting trust in the mind, cause resistance, which impedes energy, slowing it down in its ability to support what we are consciously choosing to create. With absolute trust, these things fall away, and that frees up the energy so it can flow within your life without any restrictions. This is when you discover what a magician you really are, how you are actually the creator of your entire world. To arrive at such a level of consciousness you have to be willing to let go of being in control, and of all your agendas. The soul knows what we want and need. Our job in the new energy is to choose what we want but to then get out of the way of the soul, allowing things to manifest in their own time and place. Meanwhile, the joy of the now moment is enough to sustain us in every way with no need to look outside for any form of energetic support.

The greatest challenge that lies before us as we enter 2012 is to begin letting go of who we thought we were. Every single thing we’ve ever defined about ourselves, as well as our world, is now beginning to change. To truly shift our consciousness into living in the now moment as divine beings, we will need to go beyond all definitions because the divine cannot be defined. The mind doesn’t understand this, and that is why we are now experiencing a tremendous resistance from the mind within ourselves and this resistance is being reflected in the activities of our outer world.

Our entire evolutionary experience has been by grand design of our soul. Until now we’ve been experiencing life from the vantage point of the mind but we are now on the verge of an entirely new paradigm of existence. Peace on earth can only come when we accept that we are God also-not just human. We are indeed both, and the divine within us, after all these centuries of experiencing the expansion of our consciousness from a distance (since we were keeping it at an arm’s length), now wants to meld directly with us so it can experience what life is like through us. This means become fully conscious of who we really are, which requires letting go of needing to control life. Self-love means we become fully present of the Self within the now moment-our real Self. Thus, Self-love is the new frontier and we are about to learn a greater love and compassion than we’ve ever known before. Are you up to the challenge?

The Office Cup Dispenser – Unsung Foundation of Our Economic System

In these financially challenging times, much has been made about the need to heal our hurting U.S. economy. Debates over stimulus packages rage. Wall Street cries for a savior to stabilize a falling stock market. The auto industry reaches for a government lifeline. Millions of Americans wrestle in vain to save their homes and find work. And Paula Abdul has had to leave American Idol because its executives are only willing to pay her the minuscule salary of $10 million dollars a season. In the midst of such monetary challenges, far too many citizens are overlooking one very important component of our economic well-being: the office water-cooler cup dispenser. That’s right! In our rush to rely on government programs and economic bailouts, many employers and office managers have forgotten this often undervalued and unsung hero of our capitalist system. The time has come for action! The moment of truth has arrived! Quality cup dispensers may not turn the economy alone, but without them, we run the risk of seeing the greatest economic system in the world crumble before our very eyes, only to be replaced by a system in which inefficiency, socialism, and unending thirst reign.

Why the need for reliable cup dispensers in the workplace? It is the office water cooler that serves as the epicenter of office morale. It is around the water cooler that employees gather to exchange stories, recount tales of their relatively boring weekends, discuss the latest office gossip, and vent about how unfairly their boss treats them (all the while oblivious to the fact that the boss is aware that they are standing around a water cooler talking when they should be working). Yes, it is the office water cooler that keeps the American worker vibrant, rejuvenated, and needing to pee every twenty minutes. Without the water cooler, where could workers congregate to have their emotional needs met? It’s more than a place to grab a cool drink; for many employees it’s the therapy they need to return to their desk more ready and able to produce, serve their employer, and sneak a peek at their fantasy football standings with the zeal and tenacity the world has come to expect of the American worker.

Thus, the need for high-quality cup dispensers. Without cup dispensers, the water cooler is just a big bowl of water people stare at. Workers can’t complain about the raise they didn’t get, make up evil stories about the guy who actually got the raise, or discuss beautiful co-workers who would sooner be covered in oozing boils that to go out with them without a cup of cool water in their hands. Without the cup dispenser, there is no water cooler culture. Without the water cooler culture, there is no office morale. Without morale, production ceases, companies fail, workers revolt, children starve, communism rises from the ashes, and the freedoms we love and that so many of our forefathers fought and died for fade into the abyss of history.

Buying state-of -the-art cup dispensers doesn’t just quench people’s thirst, it helps save and maintain the American way of life. When you purchase office cup dispensers you are saying, “This is my country, damn it! And I for one won’t stand by and watch while liberty, capitalism, and the independent spirit of America is trampled on!” So be a patriot! Order the best cup dispensers money can buy today. Your children, grand children, and countless generations of free Americans will thank you.

School Recess Without the Rules – Is It Better for Our Children?

With the helicopter parent, a mother or father swoops in when they see the first sign of danger or disquiet in their child. Is that how our children’s recess periods are being managed? In this parent’s mind, absolutely. I am a firm believer that children should play outside, use their imagination, and have fun, especially at school. I look around at the “playground” at my son’s school and even I get bored. If anything, children should show a zeal for life.

I grew up in the 80s and they had rules on the playground back then, but nothing compared to the restrictions of today. We could still play tackle football if we promised to play nice, and for the most part nobody really got hurt. Mind you, a bloody nose back then wasn’t a big deal, especially in my home state of Montana, as long as it wasn’t broken. No real harm, no foul. These days a bloody nose might be accompanied by a visit from local law enforcement, or worse, a lawyer.

Are we all wrapping our children in fluffy cotton? How did Generations X and Y come to coddle their children to the point that they have very little in the way of life skills at age 18? I know it might sound a tad cliché, but it was the lawyers. Too many frivolous lawsuits in past years has put school administrators on edge, afraid of the consequences should anything happen to a child while playing. Some lawsuits have been beneficial in helping raise safety standards for all things child related, while others have led to inherently poor policy making, stifling normal child development.

Because of my own personal beliefs, I was eager to learn more when I read about public schools in New Zealand removing the rules on recess. Four schools in West Auckland and four schools in Dunedin have been taking part in a study conducted by Auckland University of Technology and Otago University for the past two years, aiming to promote active play.

Children now play games previously banned such as Bullrush, basically rugby without the ball. Sticks were used to simulate guns, trees were climbed and scooter ramps were installed. Children have the option of wearing a helmet while on the scooter and tackling is the only way to stop a runner playing Bullrush. This wasn’t some kind of playground revolution, it was returning play to a different era. The study’s goal was to see how children behaved during a less restricted recess period. Swanson Primary School took it a step further and eliminated the playground rules altogether. With surprising results.

Not only does the playground look like absolute bedlam during recess but students are happier. Grade point averages have increased significantly and the Swanson School isn’t using the time out room anymore. Let’s face it, packing 30 kids in to a room for 6 to 8 hours a day, five days a week is a recipe for discord. Personalities will clash and kids will get out of hand; including the development of alpha and beta personalities, which can lead to bullying.

Seems none of this is relevant at the Swanson School. Bullying is near non-existent and students are alert and attentive during class. In general, the children seem to get along just fine; better than most families at reunions at least.

According to Grant Schofield, the AUT professor of public health heading the project, there are too many rules in modern playgrounds.

“The great paradox of cotton-woolling children is it’s more dangerous in the long-run.”

He went on to note risk-taking had many benefits and society’s child protection obsession ignores those benefits.

“Children are more likely to get into trouble when they are not motivated and engaged. Parents were happy too because their children were happy”, he said.

Should We Try This in Our Schools?

In this parent’s opinion, absolutely. I have always wanted my son grow up without the superfluous umbrella of safety-zealous policy makers. If my son takes a digger playing and ends up with a boo-boo it’s really of no consequence to me. I have been there and done that, he hasn’t and that is the problem.

Children need to learn consequences early on and learn from them. It’s part of our natural development and without it our chances of leading a full and productive life are slim. Imagine being 30 years old and being unaware of dangers, and real-life penalties. Heck, imagine being 18 and getting behind the wheel for the first, not knowing what risk really is and deciding to find out, using 2,000 pounds of metal moving at 60 mph. Scary thought.

Play, real play without software and flat screens, teaches us skills we will use for the rest of our life. Boys who like to roughhouse, wrestle or just be in physical competition with another kid, develops much needed combat skills. Aside from the physical ability to hold our own, we learn how to hold our own mentally. Imagine growing up not knowing what a challenge really was and your boss gets in your face. Running to the bathroom to cry about it because he was a meanie isn’t going to cut it.

Start the Recess without Rules program today and fast forward 20 years. Your children are all grown up, finishing high school or going to college. They got straight A grades, taken college coursework while still in high school and engaged in extra-curricular activities. They stand tall, speak clearly, treat others with respect and didn’t have behavior problems in school.

They have never been bullied in earnest and certainly aren’t going to start now. Your daughter played varsity football because she runs a 4.4 and has good hands and because there aren’t any rules saying she can’t play with the boys. She isn’t the only female player. She doesn’t wear makeup, doesn’t need it or even think about it, she’s too busy pursuing her dream of working in space for anything so frivolous as makeup or the latest fashion.

Well adjusted, educated, happy people.

What will it take to get schools to at least consider dropping many of the current restrictions? I’m not totally sure, but I plan on bringing it up with the other parents in my son’s school. We might have a small school and small classes here in Saquache, CO, which might make things a little easier. With any luck, we can become a model for other schools, and to society at large. Let’s let our kids grow up, not just grow.

8 Fundamental Things I Owe to The Born Again Experience

I would never have encountered my true identity and known my real self if it had not been for the Lord. I would still be stuck in mild religiosity instead of a convicted knowledge of the one and only true God. I would have lost heart, cast restraint and perished in ignorance without Him. But it was and still is the amazing grace of God that keeps me going and growing as I strive, thrive and survive daily challenges to attain the prize of the high call which I am reaching for. I share eight power quotes with you.

1. The discovery that a one on one relationship with my creator meant that I could run to Him with all the details of my life unashamedly.

2. There are things that are already packaged in me for release such as potential, purpose and power for helping my fellow inhabitants on the planet bringing Him glory.

3. I discovered the power of prayer, praise and worship in transforming my life the atmosphere that I live in. Therefore I now carry my own atmosphere and I recreate it wherever I am through prayer and constant communion with God.

4. I now clearly understand that man is a tripartite being who is first and foremost a spirit who resides inside a body and has a mind.

5. I wonder what would have happened to all that I have now become if on that day I didn’t surrender my life the all – knowing creator of the universe who is now a personal friend of mine.

6. Because of the fear of God one can access Godly wisdom because God cannot entrust you with it if you don’t fear. Fear and reverence of him is a prerequisite for receipt of that which is in His hand.

7. I am assured of salvation, eternal life, the blessing and a life of power dominion and accomplishment.

8. I am now an effective human being because it is the Lord’s will that I live a maximized life, lacking in nothing and never flagging in zeal.

I am pursuing his purpose with passion and I am not giving up any time soon or giving in to the plan of the enemy. God is helping me become conformed to the image of Christ and I share this as an encouragement to you dear reader. God is not a respecter of persons; if He could do it for me, He can do it for anybody.

The Washington DC Think Tank Debates of 2016

The American people felt a new sense of vigor, a new president would be coming into office, the economy was starting to fire on all cylinders again, and things were actually working in Washington DC. Of course, where would America go with this newfound prosperity, and ever increasing abundance?

That’s when the big debate started, and the think tanks on both sides of the political spectrum were drawing battle lines in the sand and organizing their intellectual debating points. But it wasn’t just the Republicans and Tea Party, and Democrats and Socialists, this time there was a new player one which was stronger than ever now; the ever present and growing third-party with their libertarian zeal, something that was definitely catching on with the American people.

Scott Klein perhaps started off the debate when he was asked to renew his membership at one of the Washington DC think tanks as a fellow. He didn’t like the socialist leanings and posturing that the think tank he was a member of had taken. He was well aware of exactly who the big donors to the think tank were, and the fact that the think tank was really an offshoot of a well connected Democratic law firm. Nevertheless, the group had always stated that it was partisan-politic-neutral, and only wanting true progress for America, but that was a laugh.

Yes, Scott Klein was madder than hell, and that’s putting it mildly, he’d gotten tired of taking orders of which research projects to drop, the editing of his reports by staff, and the removal of several of his award-winning papers on the think tank’s website. So he fired off an e-mail to the president of the progressive organization; Jonathan Protesta that stated;

Your members are so caught up in their views, that there is no debate left, they won’t look at the empirical data, the facts, they enter all discussions at the point of political impasse from their new AGW religion with hyperbolic graphs in tow on down. What’s there to talk about? Look Jonathan, we have too many insane environmentalists pitching nonsensical unreliable alternative energy promises such as wind power, who have no clue as to the reality. We have a bunch of old-timers there who don’t get it either, have made rotten predictions and now have to live with their miscalculations, their credibility is shot, it hurts the entire group.

Are you not forgetting when I defended our organization after the Foreign Affairs, The Economist, and the Wall Street Journal attacked this organization a few years back. Still, there are too many anti-capitalist members who’ve seem to have forgotten Hitler was a socialist sending around emails of Republicans with Hitler-style mustaches. Remember FDR caused a lot of economic challenges and unintended consequences, look how those programs have grown today, a 1/3 of the Federal Budget for Social Security, yah, we need more socialism in America, right? Many of our members were big-time vocal supporters of the Obama Administration as well, which just blows me away to no-end, and I cannot believe for the life of me that anyone would fall for such nonsense and teleprompter speeches, especially fellows in this organization.

Any fellow, futurist, or long standing member in this group worth their salt could have seen that coming a mile away – shovel ready jobs, alternative energy, high-speed trains, not on a socialists’ watch, not a chance Jonathan. Whatever tools our think tank members are using don’t work, judging by their predictions. I wouldn’t take any credit for that Jonathan. Here is the deal, we live in the real world, not some fantasy-land, this isn’t Harry Potter on holiday, nor is it Wizard of Oz tweeting his meat like Congressman Weiner, or a Comic Book version of Soros making his latest commodity plays to cause world starvation making a cool 100 million in the process, while preaching love for humanity at Davos.

Yes, it’s great that the original founder of this think tank met a lot of former Presidents and mucky-mucks here in Washington DC; good for the organization, something to lay a foundation on, prove self-worth and all that, but we can do better. What about in the here and now, today, in the present period? What are you really doing, talking about stuff, promoting member’s concept drawings of utopian bubble cities; I don’t see anyone building it? Think about it Jonathan.

Okay so, you put out a decent magazine, have an incredible eEzine list of the who’s who here inside the Belt Way, yes, and some interesting articles, political research, reports, but really, it’s nothing our organizations followers can’t find in GizMag, Kurzweil’s AI, OECD, UN Habitat for Humanity Program, MIT Technology Review, SpaceWars, DARPA press releases, TED, Industry Technology Trade Journals from, or listening to on Coast-to-Coast mid-night conspiracy radio. It’s the blind leading the blind Jonathan.

Jonathan, I need more, I am underwhelmed. I was really hoping for more. What you have on our website is repetitious, more noise, and the views of our members are not good enough, except for a very few standouts. How does being a member help me, or any of the other dedicated fellows in our group, or those interns we are grooming to blaze the field into the future? Your answer appears to be to give our team the tools we need, but many of us truly dedicated researchers have a system which obviously works better, at least based on the false-positive predictors and our member’s predictions. The Hudson Group, CATO Institute, AEI, Heritage Group, and OTH are clearly blowing us out of the water here. They are right, and we can no longer pretend that socialism is good for America, as it’s quite frankly been a disaster.

Whose team are we on Jonathan? Are we for America’s future and progress or are we trying to turn this place into another economic depression as the Obama Administration did, we need to decide Jonathan. Personally, I am bored Jonathan, bored with being some sort of socialist soldier, censored by the committee, I need more. It’s not good enough, why can’t we push our organization to greater heights, why are we settling for mediocrity, why Jonathan? We have the opportunity to do great things. We need to stop acting like “flash-mob mentality” socialists and the apologists for humanity’s ills. We need to get this show on the road.

Our group is promoting people as consultants who don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about and they are mis-advising folks, corporations, and government agencies. You want me to “participate” and yet our website makes it damn near impossible, it’s hard to comment even when logged in, even as a member with a log-in code, I can’t comment, or set up a blog, not that I’d care too, but all the same. Our organization’s secretary had advised me that my reports, comments, and insight is being censored, sentences being modified to established political correctness protocol, may I ask what on Earth that is about? Obviously this isn’t a think tank anymore, it’s just more Washington DC political punditry.

Our group is no longer functional, the communication systems on the website are hard to use, and as a Facebook twenty-something with an average of 682 friends might say; it sucks. Further, I see many of our members as the folks that are causing bad decision making in government and promoting horrible solutions based on socialist thinking borrowing plays out of the AGW theory alarmists’ playbook. Our think tank should probably close and start over, then communicate better with our members. I have some information I’d like to get out too, but I keep getting censored, and quite frankly, I don’t need some show-boat promoter, chimpanzee level intelligence, carbon-based organic biped telling me how to think or what to look for when doing reports, futurist studies, or research on this pale blue dot.

If they knew what they were talking about, they could argue or debate their points on the merit of their views, without censoring, plus they would have made better predictions without the stealth trickery we are now using with; brevity, ambiguity, and short Kiplinger style sentences, or ripped off bullet points from Professor Dychtwald’s newsletters or the lasted UN message of the week. It’s time for us Jonathan to start acting like a Think Tank, rather than dummying down our reader and leaders here in Washington DC with more socialist driven nonsensical material. And Jonathan if you disagree with what I’ve said here, consider this my resignation, and your new Think Tank competition.


Scott Klein, PhD

— — — —

Jonathan did not agree, and Scott Klein made good on his promise. The socialist-based think tank did continue, with global partners, mostly European. It had lost most of its US Corporate based funding and Democrat Political support except for the outright socialists still left in Congress. The US had changed, socialism once again had been rooted out of American Society, well until the next pendulum swing, hopefully decades away.

Meanwhile, the intellectual debate in America was taken to a higher-level, and the political correctness, and noise of socialism had to compete based on reality, not political or media propaganda. America had grown up, and it was thriving once again.

The Advantages of Shawn T INSANITY Workout For Ladies

The numerous advantages of Shawn T INSANITY Workout P90X can be gauged from the immense number of satisfied ladies who have tried out the program. The program has excellent results both in terms of physical and psychological effects seen in clients. The course is a rewarding one incorporating a briefer duration of exercise with a larger supply of fun. Ordinarily, women start feeling unduly tired with fitness programs and so have their doubts about joining a gym but even they are attracted by the Shawn T INSANITY Workout even though it is as challenging and exacting physically.

This program has been successfully tested out by women who have undergone pregnancy related medical interventions and ladies undergoing treatment for cancer including radiotherapy and chemotherapy to regain their energy levels and feeling of well being. Obesity sufferers who had undergone several diets without any benefit and who could not reduce their weight registered for this workout and were soon aware of the great results it had on their physique. Customers report that the program revitalizes them, giving them more strength during the day and restful sleep at night.

Experienced and efficient trainers are employed to check up on your schedule and examine how you advance each day. To give you some idea of this, there is a gym trainer who monitors your fitness plans and modifies the intensity of training, either increasing or decreasing it according to your individual requirements to ensure that you get an adequate and correct exercise plan. In addition, he advises and guides you about the type of fitness program and how long you need to devote to it for best results.

The diet expert and nutrition guidance councilor individually tailor your nutrition plan according to your needs as well as give you instructions on how to make extra nutriments to achieve the most out of the course. The program’s experts have studied and researched for many years to develop a wide variety of exceptional supplements to accompany your regular nutrition. Every supplement has unique value and is dosed according to a customer’s health and diet requirements. The organized and regimented used of the nutrition program gives excellent outcomes for a healthier physique as well as psychological well being.

Shawn T INSANITY Workout P90X also involves individually designed workouts to strengthen the individual and improve cardiac compliance. The course encourages clients to indulge in playing energetic sports of their choice to relieve the monotony of routine exercising and to enhance interest and enthusiasm for the course. Customers thus wait in eager anticipation of every program and also feel like participating.

Too many city dwellers get locked in the monotonous routine of busy life and cannot find the time or money to enroll into a workout course and so end up physically unfit and devitalized. They are easily fatigued and actually haul themselves from one day to the next listlessly. These are the ones who can join this workout program to regain their lost zest and vitality and confront each day enthusiastically with strength and zeal.

Experience Day Driving Gifts – Perfect Petrol Heads or Car Enthusiasts Gift Ideas for Men

What is a petrol head?

Are you inundated with information about the latest ride in town? Or is it up to the minute, latest NASCAR commentary, Top Gear or motor sport news? Is his zeal reserved more for the older car often appropriately named as ‘the Beast’ or any such manly expressions of endearments? Does revving his ride, soaking and revelling in the noise his car makes light up his eyes and soul to the core?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, take heed, he sure is a petrol head or well on his way to becoming one.

Finding the perfect present for a petrol head just got easier. Firstly, do your research, check if your local track permits racing on their premises in their race cars. It’s always worth finding out if such facilities exist in your area as this can be an affordable awe-inspiring driving experience gift that is sure to thrill your loved one. Make his dream of driving on a race track become a reality. From speeding V8 to roaring FPVs and more! Go-cart tracks are also an option that may be less of a strain on the hip pocket and yet still provide an exhilarating experience.

For the savvy driver, a variety of driving experiences such as challenging off-road trails, Formula One experience days, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes or classic rides are sure to impress. Petrol heads are often synonymous with adrenalin junkies because of their passion for a great ride – pun intended! Driving experience gifts are unique and can be tailored to suit the recipient’s personality, interests and your budget while ensuring an awesome experience is had from these adrenalin gifts that thrill.

For the enviro-conscious gift giver, an eco friendly gift for his gas guzzler can be a donation made in the petrol head’s name to any organisation that plants trees and advocates for ‘going green’ in an attempt to counterbalance the recipient’s carbon footprint in any given calendar year. A gift certificate, introductory letter, newsletters and car sticker are awarded by Greenfleet in recognition of this wonderful gesture and attempt to clean up the environment. This is a feel-good gift that will help our ailing environment. For a tax deductible $65, Greenfleet will plant seventeen native trees to offset your petrol head’s greenhouse gas emissions. (

Whatever you settle on for the petrol head in your life, always remember that an essential part of giving meaningful presents that are well received is personalization and uniqueness.